Air cleaning system Corona

Our air purification system "Corona" cleans the air from corona virus, fine dust and residential toxins. 

  • 4 technologies that together are better than Ulpa 15 (DIN EN 1882).
  • All units incl. air quality sensor and automatic.
  • Very quiet units (< 50 db in automatic mode).
  • Low price guarantee (3 months after purchase)
  • Certified and guaranteed
  • Replacement filters during the warranty period (every 6 months) are free of charge
  • Customer stoppers to inform your customers
  • 200 different designs with carbon foil at no extra charge

Our air cleaning system Corona

helps not only with the Corona virus, but with our air quality in general. Our Corona air purification system produces more anions than any system offered in Europe!

I.e. we can bring the air quality from the forest or near a waterfall into their rooms.

Free of charge, your own customer stopper

Due to a Germany-wide survey, 2/3 of all respondents said they were afraid of being infected in commercial interiors. Each air purification plant Corona gets a certification that the interiors are free to 99.9995 % Corona. In addition, our restaurateurs and store owners receive an A1 customer display free of charge to inform passers-by that the risk of infection is almost zero. For more information click on the customer stopper and mail us.

Leading aerosol researcher Calls for room air filters instead of lockdown

Munich, 16 February 2021 - He is a physicist with many years of experience in inhalation therapy and aerosol technology as well as an expert at the European Medicines Agency (EMEA): Dr Gerhard Scheuch is considered Germany's leading aerosol researcher. In an interview with Gabor Steingart for "Steingart's Morning Briefing" on Monday, Dr Scheuch explained: "With the hammer lockdown we are not achieving what we want to achieve. You could do much more targeted measures." Last autumn, he said, the Society for Aerosol Research had already issued a position paper listing room air filters, in addition to masks and ventilation, as effective measures to prevent the transmission of coronaviruses as far as possible. Dr Scheuch: "I am surprised that room air filters are still not used in old people's and nursing homes." Such filters would constantly clean the air and also reliably eliminate viruses. "I still don't understand why this is not done. There are some bureaucratic obstacles where I as a scientist can only shake my head that it is not happening," he said. With indoor air filters, schools and kindergartens could also reopen, at least on a rotating basis. Dr Scheuch: "I am disappointed that politicians keep saying: 'We now know a lot more', but they don't use this knowledge at all." "Politicians would be well advised to take note of the admonitions of Dr. Scheuch, who is a proven aerosol expert. Especially for children and their parents, the situation is becoming more and more dramatic. Organising home schooling and home office at the same time does not work in the long run. The long-term damage that the coming generation will suffer will be immense. This is irresponsible, because we can already make classrooms and kindergartens, but also meeting rooms, offices and restaurants Corona-safe with mobile indoor air filters," Irén Dornier also warns. The grandson of aviation pioneer Claude Dornier has been working on the topic of "clean air indoors" for years. Translated with (free version)

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